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Biblical Studies - Introduction

The Department of Biblical Studies deals with all aspects of Old Testament study and research which include textual criticism, study of the sources, study of the individual books of the old testament, and the study of general overarching subjects - ideological, theological, literary, historical, etc. - with reference both to the bibilical corpus as well as to external written and pictographic sources from the general 

milieu of the Ancient Near East. 
The research and study by the staff is directed also toward the comparative 
research of the Old Testament in its background and footing in the Ancient Near Eastern cultures and literatures from the general areas of Mesopotamia, Ugarit and Phoenicia, and Egypt. 
Concerning the connection with later periods, the Old Testament translations into Greek and other languages are also studied, as are the Apocryphal books.

Special attention is given to the study of the medieval commentaries on the Old Testament, as wellas to the Dead Sea manuscripts